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Supported me through a difficult event

I have had several sessions with Sylvie and her gentle approach to a difficult event – made all the difference.

There is a way to work on events without even talking about them, and Sylvie helped me feel comfortable going into some big emotions and reducing the intensity of the event, which helped me feel better about myself and my role in it. I appreciate her support and non-judgmental approach and look forward to working with her again.

– Rachael

I became aware of unconscious childhood patterns!

Tapping with Sylvie on physical pain was a profound experience. I was able to become aware of unconscious patterns that were installed in childhood related to being in pain.

It gave me clarity and made a reframing possible. Since my session I came up with a new strategy to address my pain which has a direct impact on my level of enjoyment and daily level of pain.

Thank you Sylvie

– Murielle